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Code of Practice for Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease (2012 Edition) and Housekeeping Guidelines for Cold and Hot water Systems
We have received a letter from EMSD informing that the Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease Committee has recently reviewed and updated the Code of Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease(CoP(PLD)).  The new CoP(PLD) 2012 (Edition) mainly enhances precautions for prevention of Legionnaires’ disease(LD) for cold and hot water supply systems and spa pools together with other general updates.  In this connection, a pamphlet “Housekeeping Guidelines for Cold and Hot Water Systems for Building Management – Good Practice and Measures for Prevention of Legionnaires’ Disease” has also been published.

The new Cop(PLD) (2012 Edition) and a summary of major changes from the 2007 Edition, and housekeeping guidelines are now available at the following link under EMSD website: