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HKIA List of Mediators

Criteria for inclusion on HKIA List of Mediators

The Mediators admitted onto the HKIA List of Mediators have to satisfy the following requirements:

1. 7 years post HKIA qualification or as approved experience ; and

2. Member of HKIAC mediation panel(s); or substantial experience in and knowledge of mediation, including:

a. Satisfactory completion of a mediation training course(s) of 40 hours minimum duration approved by the Contract and Dispute Resolution Committee; and

b. Mediate or co-mediate at least two actual or simulated mediation cases. After completion of any two such live or simulated mediation cases, a candidate is required to complete a self-evaluation sheet assessing the mediation process in which the candidate participated. In addition, a candidate should obtain in the case of a live mediation, 2 completed evaluation sheets from clients, if possible, together with the comments from the supervisor on the candidate’s performance, or in the case of simulated mediations, comments from the simulation supervisors. The purpose of the evaluation sheets is to satisfy the Contract and Dispute Resolution Committee that an acceptable level of competence as a mediator has been achieved.

HKIA List of Mediators

CHAN Hon Wan Edwin*

CHEE Wai Hung Simon

FUNG Yin Suen Ada

John Eric COCK

KAN Chee Man Florence*

KAN Cho Yau Kenneth*

KAO Chun John*

KONG Chiu Kin

LAI Yip Hung Alex


LAM Tin Cho Eric

LAM Wai Pan Wilson*

LAM Yiu Hon Nevin*

LEE Kim Keung James*

NG Lai Ki Denise*

TSE Hau Ming Terence*

WONG Man Sang*

YEUNG Kwong Sunny*

YUEN Kwok Cheung


*Also on the HKIA/HKIS Joint Panel of Mediators
*Last update in January 2019