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Registered Practices

39 Plus Limited

39 Plus Limited

39 Plus Limited is dedicated to deliver high quality design and contribute to the sustainable future.

We have solid design experience in retail, commercial, office, and residential use. We are also particularly interested in building renovation projects, which help minimizing the demolition & construction waste and positively contribute to a greener city.

We believe deep understanding of project context, strong design concept, attention to details, and design meeting clients' goals are essential for delivering good design.

9B Architecture Limited

9B Architecture Limited

Established in 1999, the design studio practice seeks to provide efficient and functional integrated concepts in architecture, interior, and furniture design. We are less driven by current trends but by vigorous approach to the fundamental elements of each project to result in more original and lasting design.

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A & B Design Consultants Limited


A & T Design Limited


Award-winning architectural firm, A&T Design has been practicing in Hong Kong and serving a diverse range of Clients for over twenty years, tempering international idealism with fierce local efficiency. Its philosophy on projects, huge and small, has been to carefully create environments and buildings both attaining client objectives and addressing broader societal issues.

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A&N Architect & Interior Designer Limited


A&N Architect & Interior Designer Limited is a local active architectural and interior design consultancy firm established in 1993 teamed up with dedicated design professionals specialized in:
‧Master planning,
‧Architectural design,
‧Interior design,
‧Development consultancy,
‧Project and contract management.

Our design philosophy emphasizes the maximum benefits of the Clients, excellence in design and response to the built environment. The Client’s concern is definitely and always our concern.

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A. Lead Architects Limited


A. Li & Associates Architects Limited


Able Mart Limited


ADO Limited


ADO Limited focuses on SPACE BRANDING design profession which cherishes the juxtaposition of different ideas from the fields of arts, branding, interior, architecture and engineering, as well as our respective potentials of creativity. By injecting branding concepts into spatial design, we have unlocked the cultural significance of the project sites; re-interpret client's briefs and deliver projects with landmark quality and cultural meaning.

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Advanced Construction Information Development Limited (A.C.I.D.)

Advanced Construction Information Development Limited (A.C.I.D.)

A.C.I.D has been dedicated to providing clients with highest quality Architectural and Project Management services by applying advanced technologies like BIM, computational application and parametric modelling. We provide clients with the most efficient and feasible solutions on complex and difficult design, as well as construction and management issues. Specializing in BIM education and training, we also strive to offer professional industry-wide BIM training courses.

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