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Board of Internal Affairs

The aim of the Board of Internal Affairs is to increase the sense of belonging of members, in particular young members, to the HKIA, to encourage their participation in HKIA activities in various levels.


  1. Annual Awards cum Annual Dinner Committee 
    To organize Annual Awards & exhibition
    To promote architectural excellence to our members and to the general public
    To promote members' ties through organizing Annual Dinner / Ball.

  2. Publication Committee 
    To coordinate the information dissemination in HKIA Journal;
    To take charge of the major publications of the Institute, e.g. HKIA Journal and HKIA Annual Report.

  3. Community Development Committee 
    To connect with the community through social service, in relationship to architecture.
    To promote the understanding on architecture to the community by means of social service.

  4. Sports Committee 
    To coordinate various HKIA sports teams and sports events.
    To collaborate with allied institutes for joint professional tournaments;

  5. Young Members Committee 
    To initiate various activities for members who are young at heart and students.

  6. Music Group 
    To foster a sense of belonging amongst HKIA members through regular music practice.
    To take part in the singing competition(s) organized by allied institutes.
Board of Internal Affairs
  • LUI Kwun Yuen Joe (Chair)
  • CHAN Kai Chung Calvin (Co-Deputy Chair)
  • LO Chun Wai Dicky (Co-Deputy Chair)
  • CHAN Chi Fai Raymond
  • CHAN Chui Yi Corrin (Office-bearers looking after BIA)
  • CHAN Ho Chung
  • CHENG Shun Nei Irene
  • FU Chau Mui Josephine
  • KO Pak Kan Zeth
  • LAU Sing Yeung Sunnie
  • LEUNG Wan Fei Lourance
  • LOUIE Yiu Wing Erik
  • NGAN Ka Sin Ellen
  • TAM Wing Man Margie
  • TANG Javian Chi Hang
  • TO Sin Yeung Phoebe
  • LEUNG Hay Lin Helen (Ex-officio)
  • LI Kwok Hing Felix (Ex-officio)
Annual Awards & Dinner Committee
  • LO Chun Wai Dicky (Co-Chair)
  • LOUIE Yiu Wing Erik (Co-Chair)
  • CHU Hoi Shan Paul (Co-Chair)
  • TANG Javian Chi Hang (Co-Chair)
Publications Committee
  • CHAN Ho Chung (Co-Chair)
  • NGAN Ka Sin Ellen (Co-Chair)
Community Development Committee
  • TAM Wing Man Margie (Co-Chair)
  • TO Sin Yeung Phoebe (Co-Chair)
Sports Committee
  • CHAN Chi Fai Raymond (Co-Chair)
  • LEUNG Wan Fei Lourance (Co-Chair)
Young Members Committee
  • CHENG Shun Nei Irene (Co-Chair)
  • KO Pak Kan Zeth (Co-Chair)
  • LAU Sing Yeung Sunnie (Co-Chair)
Music Group
  • FU Chau Mui Josephine (Group Leader)