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Board of Mainland Affairs

The Board of Mainland Affairs (BMA) oversees mainland affairs such as to facilitate individual professional registration of Hong Kong architects and practices in PRC; to promote Hong Kong architectural service and professional development in PRC in order to match the strategy of "going out, bringing in" of the Belt&Road Initiative; to encourage membership interaction in PRC, etc by liaising with government departments and professional bodies in both Hong Kong and PRC.


Belt&Road and Bay Area Taskforce 

  • To liaise with government departments and relevant authorities in Hong Kong and PRC on the development of Belt&Road and Bay Area.
  • To assist formation of strategies for Hong Kong architects to seek opportunities along Belt & Road cities and in the Bay Area
  • To organize seminars delegations to Belt&Road and Bay Area cities.

Liaison Committee 

  • To connect our members in PRC.
  • To explore work opportunities for practices in PRC
  • To organize seminars and events with professional institutions and practices in PRC so as to improve communication and mutual understanding between members.

Special Projects Committee

  • To liaise with government departments and relevant authorities in Hong Kong and PRC on the implementation of “Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement” (CEPA).
  • To facilitate the individual professional registration and practices of HKIA members and practices in PRC.
  • To organize seminars/events for issues related to practices in PRC.
Board of Mainland Affairs
  • LAU Kam Sing Dickie (Chair)
  • TAM Kwok Chi (Deputy Chair)
  • CHAN Hong Ming Dennis
  • CHAU Yuet Chu
  • CHEN Marvin
  • CHENG Chung Leung Jeff
  • CHENG CHAN Ching Ying Elizabeth
  • HO Kin Wai Stephen
  • KWOK Wing Chun Michael
  • LEUNG Hay Lin Helen
  • LI Kwok Hing Felix
  • LIM Wan Fung Bernard Vincent (Advisor)
  • LO Chun Wai Dicky
  • NG Kam Shing Oskar
  • PUN Ka Fung Peter
  • SHEN Edward
  • SZE Kyran
  • YU Franklin
Belt & Road & Bay Area Committee
  • SHEN Edward (Chair)
  • CHENG Chung Leung Jeff
  • CHEUNG Yue Hang Harry
  • FUNG Hin Tong Breeze
  • HO Shing Chak Stephen
  • LAM Wai Pan Wilson
  • LIM Wan Fung Bernard Vincent (Advisor)
  • LO Chun Wai Dicky
  • PUN Ka Fung Peter
  • SZE Kyran
  • TAM Tin Fong Martin
  • TING Shiu Hang Allan
  • WONG Ying Fai
Liaison Committee
  • CHAU Yuet Chu (Chair; Convenor, Eastern China Liaison Sub-group)
  • CHENG Kai Mau Joe (Convenor, Central and Western China Liaison Sub-group)
  • CHEUNG Yue Hang Harry
  • LI Chun Luen Johnny
  • PANG Yee Hang Ian (Convenor, Southern China Liaison Sub-group)
  • PUN Ka Fung Peter (Convenor, Northern China Liaison Sub-group)
  • TONG Sin Ching Edward
  • WAI Ching Pong
Special Projects Committee
  • TAM Kwok Chi (Chair)
  • LAM Chin Pang Vic
  • ZHANG Yizhe Harry