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Nominations to the Appeal Board (Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation), Appeal Board (Clubs (Safety of Premises)), Appeal Board (Bedspace Apartments)
The Institute is being invited by the Home Affairs Department to nominate four or more members for consideration of appointment to the captioned Appeal Boards for the new term of two years commencing 2012.
The Appeal Board (Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation), Appeal Board (Clubs (Safety of Premises)) and Appeal Board (Bedspace Apartments) are constituted under section 15 of the Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance, Cap.349, section 15 of the Clubs (Safety of Premises) Ordinance, Cap.376, and section 27 of the Bedspace Apartments Ordinance, Cap.447 respectively. The Ordinances provide for statutory licensing regimes to regulate the fire and building safety of hotels and guesthouses, clubs, and bedspace apartments. Under the Ordinances, operators of hotels and guesthouses, clubs and bedspace apartments may appeal to the respective Appeal Boards against the decisions of the Licensing Authority, i.e. the Secretary for Home Affairs.
The above nomination is open to all members for registering interests for being nominated for consideration of appointment to the Appeal Boards. Members are advised to read the enclosed HKIA guidelines on “Nominating Members to External Government / Advisory and Statutory Bodies”. Appointed HKIA nominees shall provide written reports and simple summary statements to the Institute after each meeting and/ or from time to time for Board’s information and distribution to general members where appropriate. Please refer to attachment for more details.
Should you be interested in being nominated, please register your interest by completing the following reply form and prescribed CV form and return it to HKIA Secretariat by fax no. at 2519 6011 not later than 5:30pm of 13 December 2011 (Tue).
Board of Local Affairs
The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
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