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President’s Corner

President's Message <2019/01>

Dear Members,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Happy New Year of 2019!

On behalf of all our Council, I would like to congratulate and thank Immediate Past President Marvin and his Ex-Council for their hard work and positive contribution to our Institute over the past two years.

I am honoured and delighted to be the President for 2019-2020. Together with my fellow Office Bearers and Council, I will work closely with our members and industry stakeholders to continue promoting HKIA’s core values – the architectural and professional excellence.

Our Council will strive for opportunity, professionalism and embracing new ways of thinking to tackle the many dynamic challenges facing members and the Institute arising from an extremely competitive local business environment.

To deliver this thinking, our Council aims to implement new initiatives, including new improved communication channels for our members, enhance CPD Programme, to incorporate greater emphasis on the complete building cycle including design and project management, and also to embrace the use of new technology. This, as architects we face the reality of our role in the construction process is diminishing and spaces filled by others if we do not continuously enhance our knowledge.

Through designing the buildings in which we live, work and play, architects make an enormous contribution to our society; and as competitive as the market for professional services may be, an understanding of the fundamental principles of financial management tells us that we don’t want to engage into a race to arrive at the lowest possible fee without the required quality services to our clients. Surely from a sophisticated client’s point of view they would be willing to pay for reliability and quality when they perceive it is of genuine value to them, such an environment would allow our Members to deliver the needed quality services to our clients and society.

It is also important to explore opportunities in Great Bay Area for our members and I would like to encourage our members to embrace this opportunity not just for their business but also to implement our urban and architectural design experience and skills.

For our young talent and new practices we endeavour to seek more opportunities such as collaboration with relevant stakeholders for more ‘real build’ design competitions.

For Hong Kong society, our Institute will continue to express our professional views on the local urban and architectural issues.

To implement all our initiatives, I appeal for all of your support in joining together in working for the good of the HKIA and our industry in the two coming years.

President of HKIA
Felix Li Kwok Hing