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Co-Design with Architects Day 1 -- Lei Yue Mun Park



Co-Design with Architects Day 1 -- LEI YUE MUN PARK


Practitioners, stakeholders and community representatives hold a trial collaborative design exercise together.

In a format of design charrette, we will use Lei Yue Mun Park as our hypothetical case, where we explore its adaptive re-use possibilities for the community.


21-Sept-2019 (Saturday)

10:30 – 15:00

Lei Yue Mun Park (75 Chai Wan Road, Hong Kong)


For enrollment please visit:


Co-Vitalize Our Heritage is a community wide programme organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) from March to October 2019. With the support of Built Heritage Conservation Fund (BHCF) of the Commissioner for Heritage's Office under the Development Bureau (DEVB), the programme will have 4 themes to cater for different audiences. Co-Tour with Docents, Co-Craft with Masters, Co-Create with Students and Co-Design with Architects will offer members of the public -- from industry practitioners to secondary school students -- opportunities to learn more about the significance of heritage revitalization.