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Women In Design 2020+

Women In Design 2020+ is an International Conference and Exhibition curated by The HECAR Foundation, which aims to share stories of women around the world who have excelled in the field of architecture, education and other related design fields.


To push the boundaries of architecture and design, the conference will delve into discussions on a wide spectrum of disciplines such as photography, art, film and literature that relates to the architectural profession. 


Over three days, women from around the globe will share their work, thoughts and ideas. The event will showcase the immense capabilities, accomplishments and innovative genetic abilities of women in architecture and design that will be a landmark event for both women and men architects, design professionals, students and enthusiasts.

Senior Professors & Educationists from many International Universities, across the globe, are invited to deliver talks and share knowledge. 


Seeing this as a great opportunity and platform, ACAE supports this wonderful cause and is associated with the Event as "Outreach Partners". By Outreaching within our community, we are inviting students, educationists, practitioners and other enthusiasts to be a part of the conference.


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To register for the conference click on the link below: