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Harbourfront Public Furniture Competition

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Harbourfront Public Furniture Competition

Orangsier: Development Bureau


It is the vision of the Harbourfront Commission (HC) to bring more people to the harbourfront and engage the community on harbourfront development.  The harbourfront is not only a leisure park but a place for creative arts.  The HC therefore encourages the stakeholders and art groups to participate in the beautification of the harbourfront together in order to enhance its uniqueness and attractiveness, as well as to increase the community’s sense of belonging to the harbourfront.

To this end, the HC together with the Harbour Office of Development Bureau are launching a “Harbourfront Public Furniture Competition” to invite talents to design and produce interesting public furniture for decorating the promenades and enhancing visitors’ experience.

Participants are invited to submit proposals for the design, fabrication, delivery, installation and maintenance of outdoor public furniture for the promenades between 24 July and 4 September 2020.  Please refer to the following for details of the competition – 

For more details, please kindly refer to Development Bureau



Briefing Session

A briefing session will be organised for interested persons on 10 August 2020.  Deadline of registration is on 7 August 2020 (updated).  Please refer to “What’s New” session below for further details.