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Registered Practices

Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates Architects Limited


ANG Studio Limited


ANG STUDIO LTD. strikes for intelligent architectural designs in problem solving, in particular, heritage conservation.

Conservation: Heritages are not hurdles of developments. Though creative and sensible planning, adaptation of old buildings and addition of new structures, development of sites with heritages can have higher potential in delivering bespoke landmarks than new development do. With rich experience in heritages, we are confident to provide our clients the expertise in regenerating places for new uses and in sustaining them for generations.

Architecture: We offer architectural consultancy services for new developments of different building types and scales, especially on community and habitation projects. As designers, we endeavor to bring innovation to every scheme we deliver; as qualified architects and Authorized Persons, we are also able to put forward our design in execution. Services can cover planning, preliminary design, detail design and implementation stages.

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AOS Architecture Limited

AOS Architecture Limited

APL Architects and Consultants Limited


APT Architects Limited


Arch Design Architects Limited


Arch Design Architects Limited has been established since 1992. The Practice provides quality architectural, development and planning consultation services in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asian Pacific Region. It aims to channel the talent and experience of its members into a creative force, serving this region with architectural and urban design solutions, pertinent to her social context, coherent with her cultural identity and compatible to her progressive development.

Please visit our website for details.

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ARCHIPIE Design Limited

ARCHIPIE Design Limited

Archiplus International Limited


Archiplus International Limited (ARCHI+) is a comprehensive architectural design company with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and New York. Our mission is to bring world class design and management services to meet the sophisticated requirements of our international client base.

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Architectural Project Unit Limited


Architectural Technology (A & D) Limited

Architectural Technology (A & D) Limited

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