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Board of Internal Affairs

The aim of the Board of Internal Affairs is to increase the sense of belonging of members,
in particular young members, to the HKIA, to encourage their participation in HKIA activities in various levels.


  1. Annual Awards Committee  
    To organize Annual Awards & exhibition;
    To promote architectural excellence to our members and to the general public.
  2. Publication Committee 
    To coordinate the information dissemination in HKIA Journal;
    To take charge of the major publications of the Institute, e.g. HKIA Journal and HKIA Annual Report.
  3. Community Development Committee 
    To connect with the community through social service, in relationship to architecture;
    To promote the understanding on architecture to the community by means of social service.
  4. Sports Committee 
    To coordinate various HKIA sports teams and sports events;
    To collaborate with allied institutes for joint professional tournaments.
  5. Young Members Committee 
    To initiate various activities for members who are young at heart and students.
  6. Music Group
    To foster a sense of belonging amongst HKIA members through regular music practice;
    To take part in the singing competition(s) organized by allied institutes.
  7. Annual Gala Night / Annual Dinner Committee
    To promote members' ties through organizing Annual Dinner / Ball.
  8. Gold Medal Selection Committee
    To coordinate HKIA Gold Medal awardee selection.
  9. Media & Communications Committee
    To reinforce the Institute’s professional image through planning and contributing branding efforts to
    drive publicity and positive exposure on traditional and social media.

Board of Internal Affairs
  • CHAN Cho Sing Joel (Chair)
  • LEE Mei Yan Jacqueline (Co-Deputy Chair)
  • KUNG Yick Ho Alvin (Co-Deputy Chair)
  • CHAN Chui Yi Corrin 
  • CHAN Chun Yu Keith
  • CHEUNG Ka Ki Eric
  • CHOW Ka Wing Rachel
  • IP Hay Fung Stephen
  • LAM Chin Pang
  • LAM Ho Wang Owen
  • LAM Wai Hon Joshua
  • LAU Man Kwan Julia
  • LAU Siu Hay Derek
  • LI Shiu Lun Alan
  • LO Yee Cheung Adrian
  • WONG Wai Yin Vivian
  • CHAN Chak Bun Benny (Ex-officio)
  • CHEUNG Kong Yeung Thomas (Ex-officio)
  • POON Ho Lun Allen (Office Bearer)
  • WONG On Wa Edward (Immediate Past Chair)  

Board Meeting Attendance Record

Annual Awards Committee
  • CHAN Chun Yu Keith (Co-Chair)
  • IP Hay Fung Stephen (Co-Chair)
  • WONG Tin Long Jeff (Co-Chair)
  • CHAN Io Chong
  • CHOI Kit Wang
  • CHUNG Wang Leung Thomas
  • LAU Siu Yu Stephen
  • TSANG Wai Chun Aron
  • WANG Wei Jin
  • WONG On Wa Edward
Publications Committee
  • CHAN Ho Yin Yannis (Co-Chair)
  • PANG Chin Wah Bob (Co-Chair)
  • NGAN Ka Sin Ellen
  • KWOK Wing Hei Eric
  • TONG Sin Ching Edward
  • WONG Po Lung John
Community Development Committee
  • KO Pak Kan Zeth (Co-Chair)
  • KWOK Wing Shan (Co-Chair)
  • FONG Chun Hin Jacky
  • HUI Yui Gi Catherine
  • TSE Yat Chi
  • TSUI Wing Fai Tony
  • WONG Kam Fung
  • YIU Wing Kin
Sports Committee
  • CHEUNG Ka Ki Eric (Co-Chair)
  • LI Shiu Lun Alan (Co-Chair)
  • CHAN Yuk Ki Frederick
  • CHAU Kwun Tong
  • LAW Ho Ming Marco
  • LEE Chi Ho Dimi
  • LEE Wai Shing Simon
  • LEUNG Wan Fei Laurance
  • LI Sheung Yan Steven
  • MAK King Wah Jim
  • WONG Kwok Wah Edwin
Young Members Committee
  • FOK Lik Kan Duncan (Co-Chair)
  • LAM Wai Hon Joshua (Co-Chair)
  • CHAN Yin Fung Jacky
  • HUI Yui Gi Catherine
  • LAM Chin Pang Vic
  • LUI Sheung Ching
Music Group
  • WONG Wai Yin Vivian (Group Leader)