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[Video Recording Recap] CPD Seminar: From Creating Breathing Cities to Designing Room Layouts for Reducing the Transmission of Bioaerosol in Response to Post COVID-19 Era

[Video Recording Recap] 

Date: 25 October 2022
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 PM
CPD Hours: 1.5

The COVID-19 Pandemic, the resurgence of rapidly-spreading infectious disease, presents new challenges worldwide. Building owners, architects, engineers, physicians, public health officials, and even building operators are searching for effective responses to problems whose true dimensions are not yet clear. The ASHRAE Board of Directors established an Epidemic Task Force addressing the engineering studies, issues and solutions addressing the COVID-19 pandemic situation and updating the relevant technical guidelines (e,g, ASHRAE 170 & 62.1) and position documents, including the special consideration on the ventilation strategy and the design of the built environment. It outlines ASHRAE's position that facilities of all types should follow, the latest published standards and guidelines and good engineering practice, including ASHRAE 170 & ASHRAE 62.1. Based on risk assessments or owner project requirements, designers of new and existing facilities could go beyond the requirements of these standards to be even better prepared to control the dissemination of infectious aerosols.

1.Can we create a breathing city with the design interventions on urban ventilation and how to quantify the ventilation effectiveness?
2.What is the role of ventilation and room layout affecting the transmission of bioaerosol in the built environment?
3.How do we evaluate the source control and ensure negative pressure airflow to divert airborne contaminants, bacteria, and viruses in interior spaces?

Dr. Benny CHOW
Group Leader of Ventilation & Health TWG
ASHRAE (Hong Kong Chapter)
Director of Sustainability, Aedas

Dr. Benny CHOW is the Director of Sustainability at Aedas Ltd, focusing on sustainable building design, building physics, Green-BIM, building performance simulation, ESG performance, embodied carbon study and healthcare engineering design.  Dr. CHOW is now appointed as the Director of BEAM Society Limited, the committee member of the USGBC LEED Data Centers Advisory (China) Committee, the committee member of the CSUC China Green Building Council, Shenzhen SZJS Green Building Professional Committee, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission (Green building and low carbon development) and the Leader of the Ventilation & Health TWG (ASHRAE 170 – Ventilation of Health Care Facilities) of ASHRAE (Hong Kong Chapter).