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[Video Recording Recap] CPD Seminar: Smart and Intelligent - Design of Green Building

[Video Recording Recap]

 8 Feburary 2023, Wednesday

Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Language: English

Seats: 1000 for zoom (first come first serve)

Admission: FREE

CPD Hours: 1.5

The popularity of the green building concept with its experimental application is often misunderstood as heavily dependent on technology. The impact of architectural design features is underestimated, so that construction and maintenance costs are inflated by the complexity and sizing of technical equipment involved. Focusing on the end users’ behaviors rather than on the building, the smarter design and intelligent management system bridge the gap between green building research, on the one hand, and skillful architectural practice on the other.

In this webinar, Dr. JIA Beisi will share the latest European trends towards sustainability, highlight projects which are characterized as typological, regional, tectonic and highly crafted, and demonstrate an alternative approach to green building: high comfort with low energy by smarter design and intelligent management system.

Dr. JIA holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture from Nanjing Institute of Technology (NIT China) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). He obtained a PhD in Architecture History and Theory in 1990 through a joint program of NIT and ETH Zurich. He has been a tutor, lecturer and programme coordinator of Bachelor of Art in Architectural Study since 1996. He is also an Editorial Board member of Open House International, an editor of《新建筑》(New Architecture) and the co-editor of the book series 《筑·美》(Art in Architecture). And he was the joint Coordinator of the international housing research team – CIB W104 Open Building Implementation.

 Speaker: Dr. JIA Beisi
 Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, HKU
 Director and Chief Architect, Baumschlager Eberle Hong  Kong Ltd. (BE)

  Moderator: Dr. LAU Siu Yu, Stephen
  Chairman, CPD Committee, HKIA 
  Honorary Professor, Faulty of Architecture, HKU