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[Video recording recap] HKIA Public Webinar: From Village to Metropolitan, Past and Future of Kowloon Urban Villages Webinar 1: Upsurge of Nunneries and Other Religious Institutions in Ngau Chi Wan in the Early Republican Years



Video Recording Recap

Date: 11 May 2023
Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM
CPD Hours: 1.5

Abstract of this webinar series

The government announced the redevelopment of three Kowloon squatter villages, namely Cha Kwo Ling, Ngau Chi Wan and Chuk Yuen. Having a long period of existence before the British rule over Hong Kong, these villages contain historical testimonies and social memories that worth preservation. To proceed for the planning and development without eradicating of the history of the villages, the historical building texture, humanistic appearances and the cultural heritage shall be explored and understood.


The talk will illuminate why there was a sudden need for such places, and why they took the form they did. It will then explore why the Sin Tin Toa the explosion in the building of Chai Tong (Vegetarian Retirement Homes for Elderly Single Women) between 1918 and 1938 in the New Territories, exploring Religious Group chose Ngau Chi Wan for the centre of its work, and look in some detail at the 7 Sin Tin Toa Chai Tong built there at this period. It will also look at what is left of the architectural remains of these Homes.


Dr. Patrick HASE
Past President and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch

Dr Patrick H. Hase is a local historian who came to Hong Kong in 1972, to work as an officer of the Hong Kong Government. He researched extensively on local New Territories history in his spare time, and more extensively since his retirement in 1996. He has produced seven books and 32 articles on various aspects of New Territories life and history: a further book and a further series of articles are planned. Among his particular interests are the local Salt Trade, the local traditional Land Law, aspects of traditional religious life, the Six Days War of 1898,and many aspects of Settlement, Life, and Livelihood in the area.


Ar. Nicky WONG
Deputy Chair of HKIA Heritage & Conservation Committee
Founder of Hong Kong Heritage Exploration


Mr. KO Tim-keung
Former Member of the Antiquities Advisory Board
Former council member of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch

Ar. Benny CHAN
HKIA President

Ar. Corrin CHAN
Member of HKIA Council

Ar. Joanlin AU
Past Vice President of HKIA

Ar. Tony LAM
Former Member of the Antiquities Advisory Board
Member of HKIA Heritage & Conservation Committee
Former Chair of HKIA Heritage & Conservation Committee