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ARCASIA Thesis of the Year 2023 (TOY ARCASIA 2023)
Overseas, Competition

The objective of the ARCASIA Thesis of the Year 2023 (TOY ARCASIA 2023) is to provide an arena for the schools of architecture in ARCASIA member countries and their undergraduate students to display their potential and fresh ideas in the international platform provided by ARCASIA to heighten and elevate architecture education in Asia. TOY ARCASIA is dedicated to fresh ideas in the Thesis from the final-year students in each member country and opens a route to the knowledge exchange of architectural education.

Entry Eligibility
The works are submitted by ARCASIA Member Institutes. Each institute must set up a procedure to select National Winners and submit 3 (three) national winners to the TOY ARCASIA Committee for the final judging (the TOY ARCASIA Judging Committee). The work must be a completed thesis of the fifth or final-year student in an undergraduate professional degree program. Students cannot submit their work directly to TOY ARCASIA.

May 20, 2023:  Announcement of TOY 2023
July 10, 2023: Submission closes (to Institutes)
July 24, 2023:  Submission of 3 Finalists from Institutes
August 18, 2023:  Notification of Winners
Sept. 18, 2023: Awards Ceremony 


JPG files of ONE A1 (594mm x 840mm) Portrait format layout image consisting of:

  • Thesis title and location address
  • Thesis design concept and description
  • Thesis brief data
  • Drawing and presentation

PDF file of text, identifying the submitting ARCASIA member institute, institute’s contact person and address, student’s name, name of department and university, postal address, email address, and contact details

Requirements for all Submission materials

  • All submission materials shall be in English
  • This is an anonymous award selection. Anonymity should appear in all submission materials, except item 2 above.
  • The participant submitting must have legal rights and copyrights to all submission material.

Submission and Enquiry
Students must submit their work to the Architecture Institute of their respective country by 10 July 2023 to be nominated by the Institute to TOY ARCASIA 2023. (Hong Kong Region Submission to HKIA:

In case of inquiry, please contact TOY ARCASIA 2023 Secretariat at

Assessment Guidelines
The selected entries sent from all the national institutes of ARCASIA will be judged by the broad assessment guidelines by the Jurors. The decision of the Jury Panel shall be final and binding on all parties concerned and decisions cannot be appealed against. Participants do not have the right to request access to the Jurors’ comments or records on the adjudication.

Gold Award for the work that receives the highest merit by the majority of the judges, or receives the highest total score from all judges

Silver Award for the work that receives the second-highest merit by all judges, or receives the second-highest total score from all judges

Bronze Award for the work that receives the third highest merit by all judges, or receives the third-highest total score from all judges